Oh, the old bath time.

We have a routine that works pretty well for us on “normal” evenings. After dinner, Trent gives Carson a bath so I can do the dishes and clean up the kitchen without “help.” Carson still LOVES bath time and it is not unusual for him to want to stay in there for at least an hour. Sometimes we take turns, or we bring a book to sit in there with him. This night, Dad gave C-dog a new little faux-hawk.
Carson does NOT like having his hair rinsed. Do they grow out of this? He cries almost every time, even when we get him to tilt his head enough that no water goes in his eyes.
This shot captured a rare brave moment. “Yet me see!” is the common phrase I hear, which means, turn the little screen around so I can see myself. As I have probably mentioned, this makes the viewfinder stop working, so I can’t see what I’m aiming the camera at.


  1. Too cute! Elisha wasn’t a fan in the earlier days of hair washing either, but I’ll tell you what helped: swimming goggles. Then she could also explore under water. We’d throw things in there for her to find, and it became a fun game. Oh, the other idea is a squishy plastic sunvisor. You know, the kind you can get at the dollar store. Make ’em wear it and the water rolls right off. Plus, it’s fun to decorate…Good luck!:)

  2. Aw, a little punk at heart. 🙂

    Judah *hates* having his hair rinsed. My mom has him stare up at the ceiling and sing his ABCs, which seems to help. That, and he now mostly takes showers with me, and for some reason, shower rinsing it okay. Weirdo.

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