We have entered a fun new phase in child-development, and that is the world of pretend. Carson is often pretending to be a dog, lion or truck, and he also has a pretend puppy that follows him around (no name announced yet). When he wanted to be superman, we showed him it’s fun to add a cape, and then he really took off. (Ha ha.) For some reason, I am always obsessed by the clutter in the background of my pictures and vids, so I need to tell you that the fan and snowboots were out of the garage because we were rifling through the corner to get snow clothes out. In case you can’t hear him, he’s saying “Fly! Fly! Fly!”


  1. Isn’t that stage so fun?!?! It only gets better, I promise! It is so neat to begin acting out stories with them, and it’s great when they find a new way to entertain themselves (especially helpful when #2 comes along). As far as the clutter obsession…what clutter? I STILL have a fan out from the summer!

  2. Okay Jen, it is time for me to stop being the “anonymous reader.” I found your blog about a year ago and I check it at least once a week…but NEVER comment! Mostly cause I’m too lazy, sometimes cause the kids pull me away from the computer, and a host of other excuses. I decided that today is the day I will finally come out of hiding! 🙂 Since I have a housefull of “pretenders” I love your little Superman…or Carson as he obviously prefers to be called! Just to catch up on comments:
    1-Your little guys is ADORABLE and I love all the stories.
    2-Congratulations on your next addition – SOOOOO exciting!
    3-Congratulations on becoming an Auntie!
    4-We are still bitter that you got to meet Rachel when JJ was here and we totally got stood up! Just had to put that in here somewhere 🙂

    Keep sharing your life with us, I love it!

  3. I love the pretending stage! It is amazing to watch their tiny little imaginations blooming, blossoming, and then kind of taking over. Wesley’s little doggie that goes with us is named “Little Poo”. I helped Little Poo develop the ability to teleport through closed doors after many “we have to go back to get LP out of the house/car/classroom/church” etc. Lovely imagination!

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