For Trent and Howie

Here’s a post for those of you, yes, my husband included, who skip to the next blog if there are no pictures. These are some misc shots from December.
It turns out there is a tradition in our new town that the fire department sends around fire trucks to the neighborhoods with Santa on the truck handing out candy canes. Well, at the first sound of a siren, the neighborhood kids were out and waiting, even in the freezing weather. Trent and Carson went outside and waited for almost an hour! Carson and I finally had to leave and run errands. Luckily, Santa and the firemen were on our street as we drove in! However, we ran to meet him and my camera was safe and sound back in the house. So these are just the “waiting” shots.

Oh, Nemo.
Catching snowflakes with Aunt Michelle.
Carson’s aunties are teaching him to play Candy Land. I think he was feeling a little misled by the title.

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  1. Glad you’re back online! I haven’t checked in a few days and I love all the “catch up” pictures. Blogs are great for keeping family in friends in touch who live far away – but those who live 15 minutes away enjoy it too.


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