Christmas from 33 inches

That’s how tall Carson is, so I guess the camera would be a few inches below that at his eyes. It was fun to watch him play with the new camera, and also we each took turns taking a shot or two.

This is right when he opened the camera and took his first picture. I was on the floor taking a picture of HIM.

Here’s Carson’s pictures of the family that day. Actually, these are the good ones. He’s still getting used to AIMING the camera, and we had to delete several of our knees, crotches, stomachs, the floor, etc.

Mommy & Daddy Aunt Michelle
Aunt Jess Uncle Chad (leaning down to get his face in the frame.)
Riley (practically a cousin)Grandpa Aunt Tara
Also, the day after Christmas, we have a standing tradition to get together with some college friends who are usually in the area visiting family. It used to be just Tiffaney and JJ (both single) that met up with us, then Tiff got married and had a baby, so now Trevor and Keenan come. This year we were very excited to meet JJ’s girlfriend, Rachel. She was awesome, and I told Carson to take her picture….

Isn’t she pretty? Well, her left arm is adorable.

Actually, she is beautiful and here’s the cute couple with a design choice made my Carson. (It comes with the new cam.)


  1. Look out Annie Lebowitz! Here comes the next photog to the stars!

    Has he been playing the games? With the music? Constantly going? Judah hasn’t quite mastered taking the picture and holding it: his shots tend to be more action/blurs. Plus, he deletes his memory card quite frequently: silly boy.

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