Child’s Play

These pics are courtesy of Gma Jo, who watches Carson on Mondays. She was getting out her Christmas decor and let Carson play with the Nativity scene. Evidently, he was quite enthralled.

She said he could see that she was taking pictures, so he would pull out certain figurines and tell her to take their picture.Or he would set them up on the chair for a posed pic.
Carson likes Donkeys ever since we saw a Wiggles song that does hand motions above the head for the donkey’s ears, and you sing “Hee-haw, hee-haw.” I love the concentration on his face in this one. Also, I don’t know if you can tell, but he has taken the baby Jesus and put him in Mary’s arms, so he’s holding both mother and child.

And unfortunately, a pig has moved into the manger, with a little cow, a turkey, ABC blocks and Baby Jesus all off to the side as he decides who goes where.

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  1. Of *course* Baby Jesus needs blocks! Judah has a nativity set, but Jesus is a baby carrot and the angel is Junior warbling “Jesus our brother, kind and good” – you know, just like it happened 2000 years ago. It will be a wonder that he doesn’t grow up all sorts of confused (although we did have quality entertainment consisting of blue creatures that lived in mushrooms, and I think we all turned out okay . . . ). 🙂

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