Baby Blues

I was just playing around yesterday, taking some pics of Carson while he watched his standby, Clifford, and loved how blue his eyes looked–even if his expressions weren’t exactly kodak moments.
I know we’ll take some grief for this, but what is interesting about this picture is, when Trent and I both looked at it the first time, each of us said separately: “Wow! He looks like Chad!” Now, honestly, that does NOT have to do with the finger in the nose. Here’s a picture of Uncle Chad and Aunt Jess for those of you who don’t know them or don’t see them often.


  1. He really does look like Chad in that picture! Did he get a haircut? If so, it looks good! If not, it looks good! 🙂 Those blue eyes are going to break hearts someday.

  2. I don’t know Chad, and I agree that C-dog looks like him. I love the pictures. Keep em coming. I’m ready for more Bunch family pictures on slow blog days too. Hey, and you should dig up some T-dog dirt from when he was a little tyke.

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