Slow News Day

This is a family shot at the church where we grew up, where my dad was a pastor. Sweet beard, Dad. Aren’t we so cute?! And so 80’s! I loved that dress.
It’s funny to think of my mom as a mom of YOUNG kids! She’s probably only about 32 in this picture…barely older than I am now! Does she look tired? I mean, Mike was not a small toddler. As Carson would say: “He’s hebby.”
My dad pointed out to me something I wouldn’t have noticed about this picture. When it was taken, my dad was twisting my brother’s finger to make him squirm, so Mike started pinching Dad’s arm (or pulling arm-hair–not sure which.) Always the goofs. And it seems I’m looking over disapprovingly, as a big sis should.

I think the time and event of this pic is self-explanatory. What is weird is that it already seems dated. This will probably make people older than me roll your eyes, but I look at this pic and think: we look so young!


  1. It seems like I remember your Dad with a beard, maybe I am dreaming…was that still around late grade school? Your parents don’t age. And finally, I am glad my Mom wasn’t the only Mom that thought bangs all the way to the ears was a cute cut. We had matching mullets!

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