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I haven’t posted any vids of Carson for a while, partly for the reason you have seen on the videos: he cannot help himself from grabbing the camera and touching the lense and vid screens, which drives me crazy. But this morning he woke up in such a good mood, that I had to grab the camera. This first one is for all you Carson Dance fans out there, or all you ‘N Sync fans–either way. And just FYI–this energy lasts pretty much all day. And check out that physique!

I was only able to take this next one because I turned the little screen around so Carson could see himself. That usually keeps him from grabbing it for a few seconds. The only bummer is, the viewfinder doesn’t work when the screen is out, so I can’t see what I’m shooting! Also, it documents our attempts at helping C-dog learn to count from 1-10. We obviously have a ways to go, but he actually is doing pretty well, considering the number three is ruthlessly left out each time.


  1. So, maybe the next thing he needs to learn is the choreographed dance moves from the ‘N Sync video. Who needs to know how to count when you have moves like that?

  2. Oh my goodness, a toddler after my own heart! And so like a toddler I know. 🙂

    You know, we could have the makings for the next great boy band, if only we can get Henry to bust a move. 😀

  3. Henry has the bouncing a flailing arms part down. I’ll keep working on the running around part. 🙂 Can’t wait to see Carson up there on So You Think You Can Dance! Woot!

  4. ok, i realize that most people who respond are very sweet. and i am your inappropriate friend. but all i think of when i see this is “i sure hope they aren’t giving him crack!” i guess that’s my social work humor. what energy C-dog has!!!

  5. I love carson’s dance. I like that he watches himself in the mirror too. what a cute boy! thanks for some video. Ethan loves it and is bobbing his head right along too.

  6. Those are so cute! My boys loved the dancing (they joined in), and Wes was YELLING at the computer “helping” C-dog count to 10. I should video them watching the video. 🙂

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