Such a steal!

This random post is for my Oregon blog readers…at least I think this only applies to you. If you have never purchased spices in the bulk food section at Winco…you are really missing out! I decided I was craving the taste and smell of pumpkin bread, and that instead of paying $1.85 for one slice at my beloved Starbucks, I should figure out how to make it myself. It calls for several spices that I was low on or didn’t have, so I went to Safeway, where I was looking at paying $3.98 and $4.69 for 2-4 ounces of these spices. So I waited and went to Winco, where I paid $ .10 for 8 cinnamon sticks, $ .18 for about 2 ounces of cinnamon, $ .17 for ground ginger, $ .38 for ground cloves and $ .48 for several ounces of nutmeg. HELLO?!?!? What a deal! I had to share this exciting news. They also sell little empty plastic spice jars I filled and labeled at home. (Would you call them jars? Bottles? Containers?) Anyway. Had to share. Perhaps I will let you know how the bread turns out.


  1. Sounds yum. I was about ready to break out “Eddie’s Autumn Pumpkin Bread with Pecan Streusel Topping” recipe today. It’s that time of year! And on another note, I still think you are a total crack up. Not crack pot. Crack up.

  2. MMMMM…pumpkin bread. One of my very favorite things to bake!! Just the smell it send through the house is sooooooo yummy!!! And gives you good reason to “whip” out the whip cream maker! I’m definitely on board with the Winco way – since you told me about it! Woot.

  3. I miss Winco. Becky and I went shopping there for our camping trip and I cannot believe how much cheaper everything is. From one bargain hunter to another…Nice find!

  4. How are we not friends?!! I *love* WinCo: spent *way* too much money there today, which, I know, goes against the topic of your post. But I can get SO much bulk stuff! Chocolate and white chocolate and peanut butter chips, dried blueberries and cherries and protein power and wheat germ (for an Alton Brown protein bar that actually tastes good), dog bones, Halloween candy, and oh the multigrain bagels for Judah!

    And seriously: the pumpkin bread sound yumm-y! Now I’m going to have to get out my pumpkin spice candle: that’s so the smell of fall.

  5. Have you ever seen little kids run their hands through the bulk foods bins just because it feels neat?

    …then they wipe their noses and run their hands through another bulk food bin. 🙂

    Mmmm… good stuff!

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