Interview with a Toddler

I like to try doing little interviews with Carson. It’s always a fun challenge and even when the results are not what I wanted, they are pretty cute. I mean, to get him to answer or repeat what I want him to is usually an exercise in futility. Also, he really only sits still for the camera if I turn the little LCD screen to face forward so he can watch himself. But what he really likes to do is grab the camera, especially putting sticky fingers right on the lense. This first one was the third try of that morning, and the longest he sat still without reaching….

You’ll notice I tried a new interview technique: tape when the kiddo is strapped in! Carson is two days short of two years old, and we’ve been getting him excited about his birthday. He always just calls it “Happy.” In case you can’t understand, he’s stoked about his Elmo cake, or “take” as he says. Don’t you worry–mommy is working hard on Elmo, and he will be highlighted on the blog by next week.


  1. Uh…didn’t I just see him like a week and a half ago? Maybe he was too busy pushing Emry around in the wagon to talk to me. HE’S SO GROWN UP!!! I’ve never heard him talk quite so much. Holy moly! Thanks for those videos – they are so, SO adorable! I need some Carson loves!

  2. So cute… he is such a good talker and is responding so well to all your questions. Is he really two on Saturday?! Where did the time go? I wish we didn’t have to miss the elmo party.(: Loves to Carson.

    Jenna and Nate and Sammy too.

  3. Aw: I want to pinch his cheeks! But in a nice way. 🙂

    Judah often will just say “Mama (or Babe – sigh), Happy!”, but that’s because he wants me to sing the “Happy Happy Joy Joy” song from Ren and Stimpy (which I tend to sing when Abel is yowwwwlllling). Maybe Carson wants the same thing – you never know.

    Happy early birthday! I look forward to the Elmo documentation.

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