I’d like to make a dedeeKAYshun…

…to my friend Kelli. I think she reads this blog occasionally. God dropped Kellianne into my life about 2 days after I moved into my college dorm. She had been a last minute student coming to PCC, and didn’t have a dorm assignment yet. My two original roommates and I had been excited that we only had three people in a four-person room, and so we reluctantly agreed to let this new shorty move in. Little did I know she would be one of the best things about my freshman year and college experience. We roomed together for four years, through thick and thin, and she is on a short list of people who can make me laugh until I almost pee my pants. Throughout the years, Kelli and I made up dozens of games to entertain ourselves. During classes, we would draw these elaborate stick-figure comics for each other of things that had happened in the dorms or of other people at school. We also would leave messages for each other on our white board, partially in English and partially in a foreign/non-exsitent language made up of imaginary letters. We also ended up with quite a wig collection, which led to a full dress-up closet, and a reputation for putting on some great sketches in our room late at night. My favorites were “Ollie, ” “Coach Ed: Harriest Swim Coach Alive” and “Mute Bartender.” Ember was a frequent guest star as well. And also, the title of this post is from a game we would play at night in our bunks, where we would pretend to call up a radio station and talk in outrageous accents and make dedications to our ethnic loved ones. Wow, for those of you who did NOT know me in college, you now think I’m a total freak.

ANYWAY, I was reminded of you, Kelli, this last week when Carson started–unwittingly–playing another game that Kelli particularly enjoyed. This game was a little one-sided. She would take things out of the trash, things that I had thrown away, and pin them to our bulletin board outside the room, with a note that said “Jen–you accidentally threw this [holey sock, banana peel, candy wrapper, etc.] away. Good thing I saved it!” So, this last week I threw some old CD’s away, and Carson (after tipping over the entire trash can) came into the other room saying “Uh-oh, Mama! Uh-oh!” and handing me the CD’s. Try explaining to him that some of those are precious and he is not to touch them and others are worthless 25 cent Office Depot cheapos that have outlived their usefulness. Then–this leads to another confession–he found a stuffed tiger in the trash. You see, throughout high school, college and into my young adulthood and even after I was married for a while, I slept with a stuffed tiger. It had nothing to do with sentimentality. I like having something under my arm when I sleep, and a regular pillow was too big. This particular ratty tiger was the perfect size. However, I gave it up several years ago, found it again this week and decided to say goodbye. Too yucky even for goodwill, so I put it in the trash. Carson could not accept this, and kept getting Tiga (his name, pronounced Tie-guh) out of the trash and saying “Mama! Uh-oh! Uh-oh!” Eye roll. I felt like Kellianne would be proud of Carson reliving one of her favorite games. I can’t wait until he’s old enough to dip into the dress up box!


  1. I loved this blog! It made me miss college and all the silly things we did. It is fun to get a picture of “how you were then,” as if you are not like that now. 🙂 One of my favorite Jen things…let’s make up a game. I’d like to meet Kelli – she sounds like fun!

  2. I was the RA of the hall Kelli and Jen lived on our senior year. I don’t remember the whole story, but there was a joke about me being “with child.” I was working at a group home, and had a particularly hard night one night. I came home to a note on my door saying they needed to talk to me. I knocked on the door and received a “surprise” with about 15 girls fake pregnant, refreshments, and presents. Yes, they threw a surprise baby shower for me. But they didn’t let me keep the presents. Rip-off!!!


  3. And in tribute to Kelli… I became friends with her when we had a class together. We got our grades and I think I got an A and Kelli was lucky to land a C. But she told me she was very happy with her grade because at least she made a good friend in the process. It didn’t matter that I got an A and also made a friend. She was happiest with her logic…

  4. Well, In my defense, DI DAVIS…to this day, that story still makes you smile even laugh, so there!!! I could care less about the C- – – I got in that class!! HA, Jen this makes me laugh so hard!! We had sooooo many good times, and i cannot remember a time in my life thati have ever laughed so much than in college!! I remember laughing every single day at something!! What a blast! I only hope my own kid is as silly as i was/ am! My favorite memory is when I side kicked Trent in the face and my sandal left a black mark on his chin!! SO FUNNY! Not to mention, crap on rice in the caf, the time you lost your car keys at the beach i the sand at night, and the time you got so sick for like 3 weeks & you rmom had to come because we all thought you were going to die!!! Remember that?!!! Oh my gosh….i could go on and on….thanks for the DEDICASHUN Friend! I love you!

  5. Jen and Kelli’s freshman RA here, and I do remember a LOT of laughing happening in your room! If memory serves me correctly, wasn’t it you guys that had the pantyliner war with another room and there were days were tons of feminine products would be stuck to your door—or were you the ones who did that to others?

    For all your craziness, I never worried about the girls in your room. Girls who made good friends like that were obviously adjusting well!

    Great stories. Thanks for sharing!

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