He’s always got a one-liner.

My husband is such the comedian. Yesterday at his parent’s house, we were all sitting around looking at the Sunday paper ads. I saw a toy kitchen in the Target ad that would be PERFECT for Carson. It even matches the colors of his room–a blue and red kitchen! I wish you guys could see him play with a toy kitchen. We had one at our indoor play park, and he spend continuous minutes (which, if you are a regular reader, you will remember I have pointed out this is equal to hours in adult attention-span) opening the stove, oven, microwave, fridge and taking food in and out, washing it off with pretend water…he loves that thing. My husband, however modern and open-minded he has become, is still uncomfortable with his little man using a toy kitchen. I think partly he puts up a fuss just to ruffle my feathers. Here is the conversation yesterday:

Jen: Trent! Look at this kitchen! It would be perfect for Carson!

Trent: I don’t think so. Let me see that. (I hand him the ad.) No. Now, here’s a toy tool bench: THAT would be perfect for Carson.

Jen: Let me see that. (He hands me the ad.) No! It looks too boring…there’s nothing you can really DO with it. It’s just a table that comes with a hammer. The kitchen has doors and buttons and lots of things to open and close. See? (I hand the ad back to him.) The tool bench doesn’t really come with anything.

Tara: What does the kitchen come with?

Trent: Uh, let’s see here…it comes with estrogen and years of counseling.

Ha ha.


  1. Um, apparently he isn’t remembering Bobby Flay or Alton Brown or the dude from Dinner: Impossible who looks like he could snap a complaining customer into two pieces.

    Maybe we’ll have to get the kitchen, and then you and the Little Man can sneak over to play. 🙂

  2. Trent,

    Don’t worry–Aris had the same worries. For the most part, it’s worked out OK. Theo only wears the apron to school two days a week!

    Just kidding, but that was a funny line and we always have to acknowledge good humor.

    We did buy a kitchen for Theo’s second birthday, and he did love it. Then Alexa loved it and Silas too. So far, the boys are still able to kick a soccer ball and fart on cue, so you can relax.

    Take care.

  3. Looks like Lee and Trent are from the same school of thought.:) They need to come up with like a gas station for boys (not that there’s anything wrong with a kitchen), but a gas station would have buttons, hoses, etc. I agree that a lot of boy toys don’t have as much versatility! I think we need a Trent blog on this one so the men can weigh in.:)

  4. I’ll back you up Trent! I wouldn’t bring a play-kitchen into my boys’ room.

    Why not get a big toy car they can crawl under and pretend to work on? Or toilet and plunger to practice with? What little boy wouldn’t enjoy sloshing around in the toilet?

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