I’d like to make a dedeeKAYshun…

…to my friend Kelli. I think she reads this blog occasionally. God dropped Kellianne into my life about 2 days after I moved into my college dorm. She had been a last minute student coming to PCC, and didn’t have a dorm assignment yet. My two original roommates and I had been excited that weContinue reading “I’d like to make a dedeeKAYshun…”

My New Favorite Picture (this week)

We have now entered the stage where Carson wants his “boods” on almost all the time. Also, the chalkboard easel (YEAH IKEA!) is a great project for him at this age and height, and has already been worth the $20. This particular day, he wanted/needed to go outside early in the morning, so we notContinue reading “My New Favorite Picture (this week)”