We had a fun weekend in Florence, OR, with the Thompsons and the Marrs. The guys each participated in a 10-mile trail run on Saturday morning, and we spent some fun time on the beach later that afternoon. I’m fresh out of witty captions, so just enjoy these pictures–some of which look like Stephanie’s pictures!


  1. I agree…what a great time! I love the first pic! He sure is a mama’s boy. 🙂 And HA to the pic of Jim and Henry. I didn’t think anyone got a shot of that! Poor Henry’s eye…

  2. Girl, I hope you and your friends’ kids become famous someday. Talk about well documented lives! They would make for HOURS of documentary enlightenment. The good news is the video editing guys at the station won’t have to do much work…And hey, if the blog page failed, you always have the computer scrapbook. And oh wait, if that crashed you always have a hard copy of all Carson’s memorable moments in your cut and paste scrapbook…

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