Weapons of Mass Suds

I remember several months ago someone asked me if we were going to allow Carson to have toy guns. It totally caught me by surprise, because I had never even thought about it. We still haven’t really formed a household policy, but have noticed that Carson (especially with some encouragement from a couple aunts and uncles) turns even his sippy cup into a sort of water gun. Then for Easter at Gma and Gpa Tompkins’ house, he got this hilarious bubble gun, and seriously, who could say no to this? He had a blast shooting everyone, and even showering himself with all the bubbles.


  1. Jen,

    This comment is totally unrelated to the above pics, but nonetheless MUST be stated. WHERE DID THE BLACK BUTTE GHOST VIDEO GO? I’ve tried to pull it up a few times for Elisha, but the video screen on your blog is blank. What up with that? This is like losing a binkie! Help!:)


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