Old School!

It’s so fun seeing a new generation enjoy some of the simple joys we all did as kids. We pulled out this old school sprinkler the other day for some water fun on one of the really hot days. What a hoot!
“Hmmm…let me check this thing out first.”
“Whoa. Those are kind of cold. You want me to walk through this?”
A little help from Daddy to get the feel of it. Sweet farmer’s tan, Babe.
“Heeeeeeeeee! I could get used to this, guys!” Sweet six-pack abs, Baby.
“You want a picture? I’ll give you a picture!”


  1. I just love keeping up with Carson and his awesome ways in front of a camera! Brightens my day every time I see what you’ve posted!

  2. I love the “six pack” pic. It looks like he’s so proud for winning something and someone is about to hand him his award. 🙂 It sure looks like he had FUN! And the first thing I thought when I saw the last pic was “WOW, Carson really looks like Trent there!” Not that Trent goes around with a tilted head and a “I’m gonna get you” look on his face.

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