Playing Around

I’ve been playing around with the video feature on my camera. And by “playing around,” I mean “actually using properly for the first time.” And by “properly” I really mean “improperly.” You see, I’m a dork. I’m not used to taking video on a normal camera (as oppose to camcorder, at which I’m Speilbergesque), and I had just taken a still picture while turning the camera sideways. I do this a lot. And in this vertical image, I thought it called for a camera turn. So…now you all have to turn your heads.

This one is a little bit better. I’m not shooting from a very good angle, but the subject is very entertaining and at least you don’t have to contort yourself to view it.


  1. That’s quite a dancer you’ve got on your hands! I love the fast feet. 🙂 And good grief…to see Carson going down the slide on his own…he’s getting so BIG!

  2. I made the very same mistake with the sideways camera. It’s such a logical mistake…does that really make us dorks?

    Also, I just watched this three times with the boys. They like to watch Carson dance to the “whoo-hoo” song.

  3. 2 things…please sign Carson up for ‘So you think you can dance’, and please post a video of Trent singing
    “If you can use anything Lord, you can use me” a la Kevin Marr”

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