For the Boys

I was so inspired by Linz’s awesome photo videos, that I was inspired to see what kind of vids I could make from the software on my computer. I’m kind of disappointed in the quality of the pictures, but the idea is there. Here’s one dedicated to Carson and the boys. Also, all you children of the 80’s, tell me how many seconds it takes you to play “name that tune.” Hint: Footloose soundtrack rules!


  1. Awesome!!! Perfect song choice by the way. I also like your transitions. It’s so fun to see all our boys together! I’m going to go get Ethan and watch it again!

  2. Two words are on my mine: ALPACA RUG!!!!!! Hee. Is that how you spell Alpaca? Anyhow, super-cute, Jen! (at first I typed “Hen” and I thought I’d share cause I thought it was funny)

  3. So good- are you Roy’s daughter or what! Cute pictures, cute boys, hip music…you can’t go wrong.


  4. WOW!! Look at you, tech queen! The pictures are so cute and I’m very impressed by the video thing! I hope we get to see you this summer!
    ps-I love the song choice. Had it after the first 4 notes!

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