Brush Up Your Shakespeare

My friend, Anti-Blog Man, recently posted that he and his wife are taking swing dance lessons, and he was surprised that the teacher applauded his skill (or was she hitting on him?). But I was not surprised, having performed this very special song and dance number with him during our sophomore year of college. The show was “Kiss Me Kate” and it was a fun time for both of us to spend with Kristi–his future wife and my future best friend. Our character’s names were Gangster #1 and Gangster #2. We had actually spent hours in the Ekklesia van practicing our Brooklyn accents, on days that we weren’t steaming mad at each other. In fact he and I argued so often, usually me representing the girls and him representing the guys, that on days that we actually agreed on something, we called it All Star day, and laughed and laughed as we handily won any disgreement with the others. Good times, those!


  1. ah yes…this was the best possible way to start my day!!! where are you finding all these videos? you are killing me! Please post my favorite song “a dick, a dick…” (I’m not being dirty blog readers…that was the song, only I repeated it about 50 times while doing a little soft shoe number.) Oh heavens…I need a copy of that play!

    Curtis tore it up again last night at dance…the students now call him “the star.” Although, I represented the girlz and got called up to demonstrate as well. oh yeah…we totally have big heads. oh wait, did i mention the median age of the class is 70? i jest i jest…but we are the youngest in the class, with the exception of the creepy man in blue that we refer to as “dateline.”

  2. wow…im speechless..and about 30lbs heavier, did I ever eat? funny, im in the midst of trying to shed some lbs right now. ahhh yesss…All Star days….good times..thanks for this…itll be on my blog shortly

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