My Little Mermaid

The other day I was putting Carson’s pants back on after an extra special poopie diaper, and I couldn’t figure out why I was having so much trouble pulling the pants all the way up. These particular pants don’t have a button and zipper, so it’s just a pull and tug maneuver that gets them in the appropriate waist position. Well, as you can see, the reason I couldn’t get them up was because both of his legs were in ONE of the pant legs. This caught me so off guard that I busted up laughing, which made Carson laugh too. I ran to get the camera, but he wouldn’t SIT so I could get a good shot. He kept trying to move around, which was futile, and made both of us laugh more. That last picture isn’t a very good one of Carson, but I wanted to also show off that he is obsessed with wearing the green Mardi Gras beads from St. Pat’s day.


  1. I love it! And you know what’s funny? Elisha has matching beads! They’re from St. Paddy’s Day, and they are actually sitting right next to me on the table. So funny! Oh and by the way my new email is the same except at Dealing with Verizon was like traveling through one Dante’s levels of hell and all their customer service reps were akin to the harpies…no offense to any verizon employees who might come across this comment.

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