When there is a job at hand, Carson is not satisfied until he is IN IT. If the dishes are being taken out of the dishwasher, he literally tries to crawl in the dishwasher. If I am cleaning a spot off the floor, he wants to sit between me and the spot. If a blog post is being typed, Carson is on my lap trying to type as well (which is why this has taken about 20 minutes to post). These pics are a perfect example of his hands-on “helping” last weekend in the backyard.


  1. Toddlers are like cats aren’t they? I remember when my cat would just come sit on top of whatever i was doing, reading, etc..But how can we resist?! They are so cute when they are curious! Porter even tries to tug at my socks and pantlegs while i am trying to get dressed, he thinks it’s so funny!

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