Got some hairs cut.

It’s only been 18 months (today!) and already it’s time to cut Carson’s hair! 😉 And even then, there were only a few that got the trim. Baldie had a few really long hairs wisping over his ears that needed to go. I mean, we’re talking 4-5 inches long on an otherwise bare landscape. The whole escapade took about 30 seconds. And another “first” is gone!


  1. You are crackin’ me up! Theo, my oldest, had 6 (yes, count ’em, 6!) haircuts in his first year! And since they were taking longer than 30 seconds, I never braved it with the scissors myself. Don’t worry–more firsts are coming!

  2. I love it…Carson in the chair, with the smock on…for a few whispies. 🙂 I recently did that to Henry, minus the chair and smock. He’s got the whispies over the ear, too.

  3. Love the pictures… can’t believe that he is already 18 months old and love the comment about hitting the next person who asks you about the next one with a stick… you’re too funny.


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