Ashamed? Yes. Slightly proud? A little.

The picture below really has nothing to do with this post. It’s just a funny pic of Carson in our new family room with his newish chair. But, back to the topic at hand, I had two nice long drives today, which is becoming a regular thing, and I began thinking back on all the wierd things I’ve done while driving. Especially when I lived in So. Cal. and would be stuck in traffic everywhere I went. Now that I have a child, I have toned down my risky ways, and limit myself to my two driving vices: drinking ($4 coffee, water or pop, people) and talking on the phone, but I try to limit that to long, straight stretches on I-5. But these are some things I can remember doing while driving in the past:
Eating, of course
Putting on make-up
Changing clothes
Changing PANTY HOSE (which, and the ladies will back me up on this, is harder than clothes)
Adjusted the seat cover, below the seat
Buttered a bagel
Signed a card (with message and signature, and, obviously, sealed card in envelope)
Wrapped an entire gift (with wrapping paper–not a gift bag)
UNwrapped gifts and also FedEx boxes
Made a bottle; gave bottle/binky/snacks to my son in the back seat (OK, that one was after the kid was born, but it was for his benefit–and I was really careful)
Searched for CD’s in all corners of the car
Read a magazine
Read sheet music along with CD in stereo
Paid bills

So, what have YOU done while driving that you are ashamed/slightly proud of?


  1. I recently heard that in New Jersey…or one of those other “New” states, they are trying to pass a law that bans ANY distracted driving. That includes talking on the cell or eating…Not to mention ALL of the stuff you listed. Good thing you live in New Oregon…I mean, Oregon.

  2. Would peeing in a cup while driving 65 over a bridge count as something distracting? Desperate times call for desperate measures. 🙂

    I also used to eat my breakfast on the way to work: oatmeal and an omelet. And yes: putting panty hose on while driving is SO much more challenging than taking them off.

    Kudos for your talents!

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