TOO much!

Oh. My. Gosh. (Sorry, Haley!) This kodak moment is just too much cute to handle. My mommy girlfriends were so sweet to meet me (kindof) halfway for a mommies and babies shopping afternoon at the outlets. We got lots of looks with our five boys, all within 10 months of each other. (Plus three identical strollers among them.) Now I can see why! Thanks so much to Tiffany for taking and sending these pics. I’m sure they’ll end up on some other blogs too, but I couldn’t resist. In order of age:
Carson, 16 mos; Silas, 14 mos; Ethan, 1 year this week!; Nathan, 10 mos; Henry, 6 mos.


  1. Carson is such the obedient picture taker…look at how good he smiles (I am remembering that we were all off to the side yelling and embarrassing ourselves). Also, I love how Henry is like, “whatever, I’m chewing my butterbee” in every one.

  2. Wouldn’t want to meet those guys coming down a dark alley! That’s quite the testosterone posse. Still lovin’ the blog. Thanks for the comments on mine! I think you’re the only one who read it so far, or at least knows how to post something!

    Have a good one.


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