It’s beginning to look a lot like you know what.

Carson met Santa today for the first time. The picture’s not really that good, and if Carson’s expression is a little less-than-enthused, it is probably because…
He wasn’t exactly in the running for the “nice” list earlier today. But seriously, who could resist this?!?
Yes, I did crop Trent out. Sorry, Babe.


  1. Since you cropped him out of the frame, I’m picturing Trent in his festive Christmas sweater, with snowflakes and reindeer and Rudolph with a little red rose that actually lights up.

  2. I’m guessing trent has a big cheesy grin on his face and his eyes are half shut. And you can tell he smells really bad by the way Carson is giving him the stiff arm.

  3. I think every kid tries the toilet paper stunt at some point in their life! Elliott and his cousin acutually ran the stream of toilet paper around my parents house when it was still connected to the roll in the bathroom. Fun times!

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