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That’s the first lyric in the song “New York, New York,” in case you didn’t know. And I just got back! My mom and I had a wonderful trip and managed to squeez in quite a bit. My favorite part were the two wonderful broadway shows we saw: Tarzan and Spamalat…oh yes, I said Spamalot. We also met Ann Curry on our NBC studios tour! She chatted with mom and I for several minutes since we were from Oregon and so is she. My mom was a real trooper and got used to the city really quickly. We had so much fun! I missed Carson an awful lot, but I brought him back a little piece of the city.


  1. Jen and Trent,

    I saw that you had jumped on our website, but I couldn’t find you until today. I was reading through JJ’s–ok ‘laughing through JJ’s’–and found your link. It looks like you guys are doing so well and having fun with Carson. I loved your thoughts on your birthday post, and I couldn’t agree more. Kudos to you for having your priorities straight and swimming upstream! I’ll try to check out your blog now and again to keep in touch!

    –Lisa Pologeorgis

  2. Hi Jen! I’m so jealous! I have wanted to go to New York for so long! If I ever get the chance, I’ll be sure to call you first to get some good recommendations. I love all the pics of Carson! He is adorable! I also love your birthday post. With 30 lurking on the horizon, I couldn’t be more content with my life. The Lord has blessed so abundantly, what is another year and a couple more wrinkles in light of all the life yet to come?!

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