Daddy Tompkins, DPT

Today is Trent’s birthday, but he is not really into checking the blogs, so I won’t really bother saying Happy B-day. Maybe I’ll talk about him behind his back. 🙂 This year all he wanted was an iPod, so that’s all he got. (Thanks to all who pitched in.) We’ve been having fun checking iTunes and dancing with/for Carson.

Yesterday we got a random call from a woman whose 16-month-old daughter was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. If I got the story right, she got Trent’s number out of the phone book after she heard about him from a woman she met in a Yahoo mom’s online group who recommended Trent as a pediatric PT. I was pretty proud of him and told this stranger on the phone how wonderful he is with kids and what a great physical therapist he is. Yeah, I’m pretty proud of my birthday boy.


  1. Hey! I’ve just bookmarked your site. Carson is SO cute! I look forward to checking your blog on a regular basis. You gotta love the internet. Another way of staying in touch without making any contact at all. On that note, you can see pics of our boys at Looks like you’re doing well!

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