I’d like to make a dedication…

…to my friend JJ, who says he checks my blog everyday. If we took a poll of people who know J, my guess is that over half would say he is the funniest person they know; he’s also one of the kindest. I know that he makes ME funnier when we’re together and he makes me laugh harder than just about anyone else. Throw in Lyda, our partner in crime, a road trip, a long line ad Disneyland, some cat puke, and there’s nothing stopping the tears-in-your-eyes, pain-in-your-gut, can’t-catch-your-breath laughing. Please let me be the first to claim you as my oldest friend BEFORE you become famous. Don’t forget the little people.


  1. You didn’t mention I’m hot. I’m a little pissed you didn’t mention hot. I understand that Trent would be a little jealous, but please, let’s at least state the obvious when mentioning me. It would be appreciated.

    Plus, Kipp and Howie fed me recently and allowed me to do laundry. Sorry, but that puts them a little higher on the list of longest friends. Other then that, you need to know that you will always be the wind beneath my cheeks.

    I joke so I don’t cry.

  2. Plus, I heard Kipp and Howie entrusted you with a big secret you weren’t allowed to tell me….good job! Let me add “good secret keeper” to your list of qualities. Oh, yes, and HOT! Trent will understand–and agree I’m sure.

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