Bath Time

Water is an interesting element, and it is so fun to watch a little (almost) 8 month old comprehend its characteristics. What is this getting in my face when I slap my hands vigorously up and down? Why can’t I grab that long stream they keep putting right in front of me? But the biggest question is….why do I have to put my clothes back on?


  1. Could he GET any cuter?? I am remembering the time you and your mom tried to bath him in her sink and he would have none of it! Legs straight, bum tight…Ha!

  2. It looks like he’s singin’ tenor at the opera in that top picture. I need to remind your mom to look at your blog…since she didn’t see him this Wednesday and it’s been a whole 5 days.

  3. Jen – Carson is so cute in his bath. I love him!! We gave Lexi her first bath this week… she wasn’t a big fan. Especially when she swallowed a bit of water. Poor girl. Haley on the other hand could stay in the bath for hours. When is it exactly that they become bath fans?

  4. Jen,

    Carson is SO CUTE!!! I love reading the blogs! Keep em coming!!! Porter LOVES his bath too, but get’s so wild in the tub, i end up mopping the whole bathroom after his bath. Neeless to say, the guest bathroom is the cleanest in house… could eat off the floor it’s so clean! Love YA!

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