Conspiracy Theory

First of all, good news: the camera has been found. FYOOSH.

Seconldy, a very wise man is coming to our church this weekend to talk about the fallacies of the DaVinci Code. Trent and I decided we would both read the book before that message so we could comment on it with some authority. I’m about halfway through and I just got to the part that I think is most objectionable to Christians and Catholics: Jesus was not the Son of God, just a nice guy who had a child with Mary Mag, the Bible is just some stories put together by the church to cover this up, etc. It made my toes curl and my jaw was set pretty tight…it seemed to go on and on and on. But as a Christian, it is obvious to me that this is fiction. I can see why there would be problems if this was “taught” or pronounced as truth. To be honest, I haven’t been that impressed with the book from a literary aspect anyway. I’ve found myself getting a little bored at times. In my opinion the author has an overly loquacious way of describing every little symbol and room and piece of furniture. I skip ahead half a page and nothing’s happened in the plot. I’m interested to hear what Dr. Lawson says about it.

But onto more trivial conspiracy theories, I am convinced that dogs send a telepathic message to each other to warn them about people who don’t like dogs–ie: me.* We just got new neighbors and they have a dog who likes to bark when I have had no sleep and can finally take a 30 minute nap. Grrrr. My camping friends can testify to the time a stray dog came to our fire on the beach, and out of several blankets, coats and chairs to choose from, this dog peed directly on MY sweatshirt. I think they are all in cahoots.

*Disclaimer: I almost always love dogs that belong to people that I love, ie: Lilly, Sunny, Maddie, Riley, Molly. (Do all dogs end with the “ee” vowel?)


  1. There’s a really funny Family Guy episode about a different type of conspiracy theory…that every dad can sense when someone has adjusted the thermostat. It’s such a good bit, I laugh every time I watch it.

  2. I think the dog theory is good. I think it’s good with dogs AND babies. =)

    Also, Jim, I would be willing to say that every MAN can sense when someone has touched the thermostat. I myself can never get away with it!

  3. Jen, it’s me KT. I read your blog all the time, but decided I would comment tonight since it’s 9pm & I’m in bed (sorta)…watching the Lakers play while CT is at Kareoke. I must tell you what encouraged me to write the most was the “dog disclaimer”. It made me giggle. It’s okay if you don’t like dogs. Although, since you left, Molly hasn’t been the same. She misses you so!

  4. Ok. Jen, you have inspired me. I set up a blog. Mostly so I could comment on your post, but also in part to be cool.

    I am with you on the dog thing, Of course you already knew that.

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